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Chipshow will attend INFOCOMM show in Orlando, USA

INFOCOMM is the top professional audio-visual integrated equipment and technology exhibition in North America. Chipshow will attend INFOCOMM show on June 14~16, 2017, Below is the detailed information of the exhibition.

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See you soon Infocomm USA 2017

The largest professional AV trade show in North America--- Infocomm USA 2017 from June 14-16. Welcome to Chipshow Booth 367.

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Youth Day, My Day

When the sunshine of the new century and flowers of May are felt by the heart of every people, we are welcoming the May. 4th Youth Day again. But do you know the story of “Youth Day”?

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The Four Beauties LED Display in Chipshow

With over 16 years manufacture experience, Chipshow’s products of outdoor, indoor, ultra-fine pixel led screen, rental display, transparent screen to window screen covers 80% of the market demand.

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